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DO NOT SELL OUT AMERICA! NO CONFIRMATIONS! Sessions/Tillerson/Flynn/Pruit/DeVos/Puzder...

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It is bad enough that Donald Trump did not actually win the election for presidency of the United States.  We WILL NOT ACCEPT his current choices for cabinet:  Sessions/Tillerson/Flynn/Pruit/DeVos/Puzder/Ross.

The people of the United States DO NOT SUPPORT these unethical cabinet choices.  We DEMAND that no cabinet members are approved that do not meet these qualifications:

1. They are moderates and can prove through their voting records and public statements that they DO NOT subscribe to the Extreme Right's philosophies of racism, sexism, and bigotry.  

2. They have provided complete disclosure and transparency and have undergone FULL background checks, including their financials, conflicts of interest, familial connections that may be in question.

3. They have absolutely NO TIES TO RUSSIA or Vladimir Putin whatsoever.

4. They are experienced and qualified in the fields in which they are being placed.

We, the People, are prepared to support our Leadership in choosing a decent, fair and qualified cabinet whose job is to represent US, not corporate interests.  We will NOT support a Leadership that allows right-wing extremists to run the departments that govern our nation.  This is non-negotiable!




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