WTBQ Radio's Taylor Sterling Should Formally Apologize To Uncle Buck

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We believe that Taylor Sterling and community radio station WTBQ should formally apologize to Uncle Buck and his disabled US veterans. 

U.S Veteran Uncle Buck has been a weekly guest on the WTBQ morning show for over 20 years. He would read the Berverage Plus 2 commercials.

After a knock down brawl with a Toxic Taylor Sterling, she decides to throw Uncle Buck out the door along with his toys for tot's and food boxes. She threw out Uncle Buck TWO other times because he interrupted her on-air when I had my radio show at WTBQ.

Unfortunately Toxic Taylor put her narcicistic priorities first. She decided to hijack Uncle Buck's charity fundraising for her own selfish reasons. She has mentioned in the past that,

"charity events and clubs bring in potential radio advertisers"

Uncle Buck is a caring and giving man. He has used the airwaves to spread the good word for 20yrs to raise funds, food and toys for his disabled Vets for decades. Now 74 year old Uncle Buck is "competing" against Taylor and Steve Neuhaus for donations!

We understand that Uncle Buck can not and will not go back to WTBQ while Taylor is still there. We believe Taylor Sterling should be held accountable for her actions.

At the very least, Taylor Sterling owes Uncle Buck and his disabled VETS an apology for disrupting his annual holiday food & toy drive.

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