Stop Animal Abuse at Prenn Falls in Dalat

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I have seen many places that use animals for entertainment and I have never been entertained with what I have seen. However, this place makes all others seem pale in comparison. How they have license to run this place is beyond my comprehension. The place has been reported on numerous occasions to the local Forest Protection Department, but nothing has been done to end the suffering these animals endure.

For an example of the type of abuse occurring there, tigers are being kept in very squalid living conditions, bears are going blind, monkeys and elephants are chained in the hot sun, the monkeys often have no food or water. Any animal that is big enough to ride is being ridden, including ostriches. Cages are in too close of proximity to each other, for example, the bear is so close to the monkey that they have violent interaction. The elephants have been reported to be getting punched with hooks and the tigers get prodded by tourists who want the animal to eat when it's not hungry. Feeding wild animals should only be done by trained professionals if they're to be in captivity.

The owner claims to be a veterinarian, but from everything that people have been reporting about this place, it does not seem to matter if he is veterinarian or not. Money is the sole motivation behind Preen Falls and something needs to be done about the abuses going on here. Here, I am including a link to the Tripadvisor website and you can read for yourself some of the personal accounts from tourists who have visited there.

If we act on this now, we can end this abuse and the animals will be placed in proper rehabilitation facilities in Vietnam and hopefully some of them can be released back into the wild.

The decision maker is the chairman of the Forest Protection Department. If he is presented with this petition and sees how many people are concerned about this, he may take appropriate action.

Whether you have been to this horrible place or not, even if you don't intend on visiting it, your help is needed to keep this from happening to even more animals once the ones that are already there die from their suffering. A lot of these animals are critically endangered and should not be at this zoo.

Please help out and sign and share this petition with everyone. Thank you so much for your help.