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Keep the Arctic Free

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The Arctic is one of the last parts of the world that isn't already destroyed by human activities. With global warming, however, the ice is melting and allowing countries such as the USA, Russia, Denmark, and Canada, to explore this virtually unknown region, fighting to claim the Arctic as their own. Due to the still inhospitable climate, humans are rarely present in the area, if not in submarines, but drones and other technical spies are already operating. 

Not only is espionage a major factor in control of the Arctic, but it's vast untapped resources are now also up for grabs. The USA has already authorised Shell to start drilling in the Arctic, regardless of the fact that they don't have the technology necessary to prevent oil spills, nor does the country have icebreaker ships, and very little search and rescue capabilities, if any. 

Human activities in the world have already endangered the Arctic, let's save what little there is left and stop any one country owning the area and abusing yet another region, and creating yet another area of conflict.

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