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DNC: Follow Your Rules and STOP Allowing Independents on OUR Ticket!

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According to Article Eight, Section One of the Democratic Party's National Charter, "The Democratic Party of the United States shall be open to all who desire to support the Party and who wish to be known as Democrats."

Cut to 2016, when Independent Senator Bernard "Bernie" Sanders, who claims to caucus with Democrats but often votes with Republicans, ran one of the dirtiest campaigns in history against former Secretary of State and lifelong Democrat  Hillary Clinton on the Democratic ticket without ever changing his affiliation to Democrat, which both the Party and twenty-six states require potential candidates do.

In fact, he has stated many times before, during, and after the campaign that he has never been and has no desire to become a Democrat, that he is above the rules set forth by the Party, and that he only used the Party for money and media attention.

We, the undersigned, standing together as true Democrats, demand the following from the current Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Tom Perez:

  • That he stand by REAL Democrats and enforce Article Eight, Section One of the Party's charter...
  • That he stand up to non-Democratic interlopers such as Senator Sanders and his followers, and drop them from any and all Democratic committees and functions...
  • And that he add an amendment to the National Charter, stating that anyone wishing to run for any government position on the Democratic Party's ticket must be a registered Democrat for at least two years before doing so.

Thank you, the Undersigned.


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