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Stop RFID-DMIS School

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12-Feb2017, Doha

Private School Section,
Ministry of Education

Subject: Concern over the use of Bluetooth ID cards in Doha Modern Indian School

Dear Sir,
Our children are students of “Doha Modern Indian School”. We request your kind attention to an urgent
Doha Modern Indian School has made it mandatory for all its students to use Bluetooth based RFID in
the academic year 2017-2018. However we have below concerns regarding the use of this ID by our
 The school has not provided a valid assurance regarding the safety of these identity cards to the
parents. The Certificate provided to the parents by the school in this regard is issued by the
manufacturer of the ID card which is not assuring enough; as the school has not provided us any
certificate assuring safety of these ID cards from the concerned authorities under Qatari
Government (ICT Qatar or Ministry of Health). We are concerned that use of radio frequency ID
cards for prolonged duration on a daily basis would expose our children (aged 3.5 to 17 years) to
health risks. Pls refer to enclosed article regarding health risk associated with RFID.
 As per the school, the ID cards are being introduced to enforce the safety and discipline of
students by real time location monitoring of students. However we do not believe in enforcing
discipline by inducing fear into the child of being tracked all the time. Rather discipline should be
nourished within the child in a constructive way. School may use alternate safer and reasonable
measures to improve the safety. The school says the system will help monitor toilet frequency of
students, which is a human right violation.
 The school is charging a very high price of QAR.1200 per student each year for the ID card. This
is a huge burden on parents, particularly for those parents who have more than one child
studying in the school. Introduction of RFID will not add any value to improve academic
standard of school.
 The school has made it mandatory for parents to accept RFID to reregister their wards for the
academic year 2017-2018. As per the declaration required by the school to be signed by all
parents, we are required to agree that our child may be stopped from attending classes or
boarding the school bus if they fail to carry the ID card to school (refer to No.5 of the enclosed
declaration form issued by the school).
 The school did not consult parents before enforcing the ID card and neither did they address the
concerns of many parents communicated to the school via emails and personally regarding this
This letter is written by concerned parents who have undersigned. We sincerely request your urgent
attention in this matter as our children will not be permitted to continue in the 2017-2018 academic
year unless we agree and sign our consent for the school to use Bluetooth based RFID on our children on
or before 25th Feb 2017.

We request the earliest intervention of Ministry of Education and advice Doha Modern Indian School
to suspend the implementation of RFID till above mentioned concerns are resolved by the school. We
request the Ministry to permit the parents to reregister their wards in Doha Modern Indian School for
academic year 2017-2018 without signing the acceptance of RFID as required in the reregistration
form by the school.


Yours Sincerely,
Undersigned Parents

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