Fulfill America's Promise of VA Loans to NYC Veterans

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The District Realty Team announces online petition and VA workshop to address the hurdles in obtaining VA Loans to purchase Cooperative Apartments for New York City Veterans.  As a country, we have always had bipartisan support for the men and women of our US military. Our commitment to these Americans is when they are honorably discharged from their service, they are entitled to benefits such as VA Loans.

After trying to help a close friend who was a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army, District Realty Team founders Patrick Gobin and Jason Nadeau realized the disconnect between VA loans and available inventory within the five boroughs of New York City.

It would be fair to say that New York City is unlike any other real estate market in the United States. In a city of 8.5+ million people, housing is very much a hot commodity. In terms of purchasing a home, the category of Cooperative Apartments (or Co-ops) are generally the entry tier for buyers in NYC.

It turns out that the VA loan doesn’t cover 75% of the available housing in NYC. Cooperative apartments are off the menu for our brave soldiers returning from service. If you don't know what a Cooperative apartment is, you're not alone neither does the VA. We owe our Veterans for their service and the fine print of that promise cannot bare exceptions.

If you have been honorably discharged for the US Military, the District Realty Team wants to thank you and your family for your service by helping you enjoy the freedom of owning your own NYC home. Please sign our petition to NYC lawmakers. Thank You!

We ❤️our Vets and thank them for their service!

District Realty Team, a full service real estate team that specializes in NYC and Hudson County NJ, petitions Governor Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Bill de Blasio, Senator Chuck Schumer, Senator Kristen Gillibrand, Representative Carolyn B. Maloney and Representative Max Rose to Fulfill America's Promise of VA Loans to New York City Veterans.

Contact: 212•480•2140 ~ info{at}drtnyc.com