Make Car Sharing More Accessible in the District of North Vancouver

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Popular Car Sharing services such as Car2Go, Modo, and Evo all have a larger footprint in the City of North Vancouver, and the City of Vancouver than they do in the District of North Vancouver (or West Vancouver for that matter.)

In fact, there are almost no car sharing vehicles found anywhere in Lynn Valley, The Parkway, Deep Cove, Delbrook, Marine Drive, Forest Hills, Capilano, Grouse Mountain... the list, surprisingly, goes on.

It would be beneficial to the growing District of North Van and it's residents to promote car sharing services by providing more parking/pick-up locations and opening up the borders so that the entire North Shore can use Car Sharing.

Our current car sharing borders around the City of North Van are promoting individual car ownership for each person (who doesn't feel safe or confident cycling on the roads in the District.)

Individual car ownership for each citizen should not be the direction we're headed in overall as a community.

According to an official tweet from Car2GoVancouver: "We don’t have an official agreement for parking with the District, but we wouldn’t be opposed to entering certain parts with their approval. We go where the density is, and the District is growing."

We also heard from a local District of North Vancouver Councillor on Twitter, who said "DNV staff are open to providing space for car sharing."

So sounds like our ducks are in a row... all we need to do is start spreading the word and drumming up some demand, so that the Car Sharing Services and the District of North Vancouver can take notice.

Anybody with me?