Petition against hike of school fee by private schools in Agra during nationwide lock down

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Dear Respected Sir/Madam,

        As you know that entire country is facing a rare and unprecedented problem due to spread of SARS Cov-2 or Novel Corona Virus. Honorable P.M has announced the nationwide lock down till 14 April 2020 and later extended it till 3 May 2020. Everybody have been asked to maintain social distancing 

        Due to this situation all economic and business activities has been shut down and there is no any other way for majority of people to earn their livelihood.

        Along with economic activities all academic activities have also been affected badly as school colleges has been shut down however education is also a fundamental right so few schools have started teaching students only.

        We would like to bring in your consideration that some private schools in Agra district has increased the fee for April to May session up to 28% in some cases in this unprecedented situation instead of providing any waiver on the fee. 

        We understand that private schools are also bound to not cut the salary of their teaching, administrative and transportation staff as their staff also need to feed their family and other expenses however there are lot of variable expenses of private schools such as vehicle fuel, electricity, etc which they are saving due to shut down.

        Along with the fee hike they are asking parents to pay for transportation fee also for lock down period which is highly strange and illegal as there are not transportation service given since last 22 days and will not be possible till 3 May 2020 at least.

        Parents also confused and in constant fear due to uncertainty and fee hike by the school. Parents earnings are almost nil since last 22 days and they are unable to pay this hiked fee.  

      We, all Parents, collectively request you to create ask private schools to not to increase fee for this quarter (April-June) and make some guidelines against to stop this fee hike by private schools for this quarter.

       Hope you will understand our situation and will take a corrective action.

Your sincerely.

Parents Association, Agra

Date: 15-04-2020