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Dead voters have rights! Support the COALITION FOR NON-LIVING AMERICANS!!!

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According to Pew Research, more than 1.8 million dead Americans are still registered to vote.  And why shouldn’t they be permitted to vote?  Haven’t they suffered enough?

Thankfully, as documented in an array of recent local news reports, certain social justice warriors are working hard to:

  • Re-register dead Americans who have been wrongfully removed from the voting rolls
  • Ensure that these dead Americans still cast ballots, for the candidates that these social justice warriors believe they would/should support

These social justice warriors have done terrific work:

  • South Carolina discovered that nearly 1,000 dead Americans voted in 2012.
  • In Colorado, hundreds of dead Americans voted year after year, since 2004.
  • In New Hampshire, Vermont and North Carolina, undercover videos have revealed the ease with which dead Americans can vote.

Unfortunately, these social justice warriors are being harassed, investigated and prosecuted, due to unjust American laws that claim only living U.S. citizens are eligible to vote in our elections.  See a detailed archive of news articles concerning this miscarriage of justice at:

“Research file: Harassment of social justice warriors who are registering Non-Living Americans to vote”

We at are outraged at this institutionalized discrimination against dead Americans — or as we like to say, “non-living Americans.”

That is why we’ve launched our own social justice campaign, entitled:
"The Coalition for Non-Living Americans”

The purpose of our Campaign is to stand up, with one collective voice, to say to District Attorneys of America:

"We, the undersigned, believe:

  • Law enforcement agencies should stop their mean-spirited investigations and prosecutions of social justice warriors who re-register Non-Living Americans to vote
  • Anyone who claims Non-Living Americans should not vote (for candidates that social justice warriors believe they would/should support) are bigoted “deceased-ophobes,” who are only trying to suppress the rights of these expired people
  • Anyone on (or under) U.S. soil has the right to participate in our democracy, regardless of their citizenship status, and whether or not they have a pulse"

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