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Donations, District Attorneys, and VPD's Lack of Action

Veronica S.
Visalia, CA, United States

Jun 2, 2020 — 

At the time of this writing we are nearly at 150k signatures. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your time and support. We are showing the Police and the DA's Office that we CARE, that we demand JUSTICE, and that we will not REST. 150,000. That's more than the entire population of Visalia. Thank you for being behind us and supporting justice.

Now, a few things have come to my attention that I'd like to share with all of you.

First, I have received some concerns about how donating money in works, and where the money people have been donating is going. I have not been notified of ANY donations that have taken place, nor am I able to monitor, stop, or manage any of these donations. It seems like any money goes directly to Change. When they ask for your credit card after signing, or there is a button that says 'Promote this Petition', these are simply optional ways to donate directly to Change. If you want to support victims of racism, please donate to one of the many links here:

Second, from a recent Times Delta article: Sergeant Celeste Sanchez, a spokesperson for the VPD, has revealed that although the case is now in the DA's hands, they still have not received a full police report and cannot proceed with an investigation (as of Monday morning). 

Third, from the same article: The police have classified all people involved as victims. The people in the Jeep AND the 2 women who were struck by the Jeep. If you saw a previous update with a breakdown of the video, or have working eyeballs, you can clearly see that the Jeep comes to a stop, and then accelerates rapidly while one of the actual victims is in front of the vehicle.

The VPD's logic is that both groups were there to protest, and both groups escalated the situation. To that end, I'll just ask the VPD the following questions.

1) Can you define a hit and run for us? Since the Jeep fled the scene and all.

2) Which group was already peacefully protesting, and which group showed up to purposefully agitate, and ultimately commit violence towards 2 young women? One group had 0 violent incidents until another showed up, can you remind us which that was? 

3) Can you explain civilian right of way to me? 

Regardless of VPD's lack of action towards 2 white conservative men and a white conservative woman, and their inability to deliver a full report to the DA's Office, we will not lose hope. We will campaign for Justice, as we have been, and we will not settle for less. We have nearly 150 thousand people behind us. Even knowing that many of those people are not living in Visalia, that's a lot of voting power, and a lot of voices and support. Thank you one and all.

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