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The Rape of this helpless dog shocks the collective conscience! Arrest needs to be made!

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Our founding father, Thomas Jefferson said, “Man [is] a rational animal, endowed by nature with rights and with an innate sense of justice," We are seeking legal justice for Beatrice the, 1.5 year old pit bull mix brutally raped by a citizen in Vance County, North Carolina. There are laws in place created to, when enforced and upheld, protect our civility, humanity and safety. If a person who conducts themselves within a realm of pure torture to others, and lacks concern for any penalties, they will come to believe they are above any form of punishment, and that they will not be held accountable for the atrocities they bestowed upon others. The abuse of Beatrice, a helpless dog, has shocked the collective conscience of the citizens of North Carolina and beyond. With malice and ill intent, the individual who owned Beatrice is responsible for the brutal rape and torture she experienced for over a year, approximately 8,760 hours of pain and fear. Research and statistics have shown that individuals capable of such atrocities with animals often move on to human victims. Do not allow him this entitlement, the feeling or belief that he deserves to be given special privileges. The Humane Society of the United States points to studies that show the high correlation between sexual abuse of animals and sexual abuse of children. One study found that 96% of juveniles who engaged in sexual abuse of animals also admitted to future sex offenses against humans. In another study, some 37% of sexually violent juvenile offenders were found to have a history of animal sexual assault. An FBI study found that serial killers have a high rate of prior animal sexual abuse as well. Mr. Waters, because of the darkness of the subject of rape (bestiality), many will not feel any guilt or remorse and say “It’s only an animal,” but the truth is that these crimes of nature apply to all living beings. These crimes against nature (bestiality) resulted in Beatrice having a prolapsed uterus and rectum and a generally poor condition, all of which contributed to her death on Jan. 21, 2016 during the reparative surgery, correction of the prolapses, to save her life. Dr. Jill Caruso DVM, performed the necropsy in New York, and indicated the two concomitant prolapses were indicative of Beatrice being sexually abused. As the 9th Prosecutorial District Attorney of North Carolina, you represent the people of your state. This petition asks you to bring charges against the man responsible for this heinous crime and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. You have achieved your position by demonstrating good judgement and recourse and the path you choose will speak loudly to the determination of your office to keep the oath you have taken to uphold the law. “Without justice being freely, fully, and impartially administered, neither our persons, nor our rights, nor our property, can be protected. And if these, or either of them, are regulated by no certain laws, and are subject to no certain principles, and are held by no certain tenure, and are redressed, when violated, by no certain remedies, society fails of all its value; and men may as well return to a state of savage and barbarous independence. (1833, Joseph Story). (Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court) Below are the North Carolina animal abuse statutes that were written to protect Beatrice and others. Her serial rapist and animal abuser fully and clearly broke these laws as evidenced by the necropsy report by Dr. Caruso. § 14-177. Crime against nature. If any person shall commit the crime against nature, with mankind or beast, he shall be punished as a Class I felon. § 14-360. Cruelty to animals; construction of section. b) If any person shall maliciously torture, mutilate, maim, cruelly beat, disfigure, poison, or kill, or cause or procure to be tortured, mutilated, maimed, cruelly beaten, disfigured, poisoned, or killed, any animal, every such offender shall for every such offense be guilty of a Class H felony (c) As used in this section, the words "torture", "torment", and "cruelly" include or refer to any act, omission, or neglect causing or permitting unjustifiable pain, suffering, or death. As used in this section, the word "intentionally" refers to an act committed knowingly and without justifiable excuse, while the word "maliciously" means an act committed intentionally and with malice or bad motive. As used in this section, the term "animal" includes every living vertebrate in the classes Amphibia, Reptilia, Aves, and Mammalia except human beings. The facts of this case are incomprehensible, vile and demand that justice for Beatrice be served. Regards, The People

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