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  Lets read his most genious plan: Plan Be Revealed! 

Since people have been asking me what Plan B is and since the poll results have been positive and the fact that both the fandom and the show are both crappier, I'll finally reveal what Plan B is. If you recall, one of our demands on the petition is that Hasbro creates an alternate continuity from the main canon that would not have Twilicorn in it. I was going to release this earlier, particularly if Hasbro said no, but with the situation the way it is, I'm going to tell you ahead of schedule. So here it is.

Plan B is that we create our own continuity.

Think about it. We can be the official fan-made continuity of the show. We can decide how the characters should act, we can decide how alicorns and human ponies, and we can decide on how the show can end. Sounds pretty good huh? SO if all off you are in favor of this, I can proceed in writing our Declaration of Independence from the main canon. I've got most of it written down, but if you guys have any suggestions, I'll be glad to hear them. Until then, this is Yensid signing off.   Lets read the reaction:


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