Bring Back the Moon to Space Mountain!

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Bring Back the Moon to Space Mountain!

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With the utmost respect to Disney management, Disneyland parcs and Disney's creative desicions, we want to ask you to bring the moon back to DLP's Space Mountain where it belongs.
Space Mountain "De La Terre à La Lune" simply was the most perfect ride in Disneyland Paris and one of those great examples of Disney storytelling and imagineering.
As you walked past the glorious Columbiad and heard it's thunderous blast while smoke came out of it's barrel, tension and excitement build up while you still had a long way to go before you were at the loading platform. Steve Bramson's excellent soundtrack added even more depth and emotion to this ride from the very moment you stepped into the train. The feeling of being shot into space with a mighty canon blast is still unequaled, just like the moment when you reached the George Méliès inspired moon that smiled at you, just before you started the journey back to earth. Even those who didn't dare to ride this coaster  could visit Space Mountain's Stellar Way and get a front seat impression of this majestic ride.
With the installment of "Mission 2" the unique experience of this journey to the moon in a Jules Verne themed attraction, is gone. The story has gone, Space Mountain is just a rollercoaster.
 Now after 7 years of "Mission 2" we think it's time to re-install "De La Terre à La Lune" so we, and new generations, can experience this ride as envisioned by Tim Delaney and his team.
Bring Back The Moon! Because we love Disneyland Paris...

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