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Toontown, to me and many others out there, wasn't just any "GAME" it was our childhood. Though most of us don't admit it, we have created a very special bond with Toontown. It is a game that I have come to love, I dedicated much time to it, just like many of you have. We all see it as a part of our heart, a part which will be removed painfully. The closing of Toontown will DEMOLISH many players' childhoods' and memories. We would all like our future children to enjoy, and experience this beautiful, wonderful game. If we could all just come together, we might pull this off.... and As of Club Penguin (CP); there really isn't much we can do, all we can do is talk our hearts out... Club Penguin to most people really doesn't create such an "Adventurous/Creative" atmosphere. Which is what most kids want. Let's all speak our hearts out, and hope for the best.

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Robert Iger Disney Toontown Lisa Peabody John Pleasants Mihai Pohontu
We all, from the very bottom of our hearts would like to plead and beg to you, Disney, to CANCEL Toontown's shutdown. This game has helped us all throughout life! It was all our childhoods' and we dedicated many, MANY hours to this game. Toontown made us feel complete as a child. It gave us that "Explorer/Adventure" feeling, and it was just plain awesome!

Many people are being affected by the closing of Toontown, even if you all took the time to look at some people's last words, you will see... Everyone loves Toontown, and in our honest opinion, we greatly dislike the fact that Toontown is being SHUT DOWN for a game like Club Penguin.

Most of us don't even play Club Penguin, and never will! Most of us are old, and we want to defend our best childhood memories, with the best game ever. Club Penguin isn't fun, it isn't appealing, and it isn't something we are all going to let happen that easily.

So, if you please would hear us all out and take the time to listen and understand. This world isn't all about money, Toontown hold so many memories. How heartless can one be to just throw it all out for money!? If you all were not contempt with the money you guys were earning through Toontown, all we can say is that it's Disney's fault. You all never worked on it, you all never announced it or promoted it. How do you all expect players!?

Many of us enjoyed this experience, and we want our future children to experience such a beautiful, awesome game. Wouldn't you also?

Disney is supposed to make dreams come true....

Thank you all for your time. We all hope for the best.

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