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Shape A Better Future For Asian Elephants

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For over 42 years the Asian Elephant species has been endangered. The cause of this such devastating thing is all because of this thing called "Ivory poaching." This means that the male Asian Elephants are being hunted down for their tusks. The cause of this has made the number of this species drastically decline in the worst way possible. Although the hunting is forbidden the trouble still goes on. The hardest thing to bare is while these people are nearly killing off the only species left of the genus Elephas, they're only doing it for the money, but that's not the only cause that's making this species come nearly extinct.

The greatest threat to the wild Asian Elephants is the habitat loss and the fragmentation. Throughout the pass few years humans have clearned nearly almost every percentage of the forests that these species need to roam in. The cause of this has led the Elephants to be pushed into hilly landscapes and less suitable living areas, but even these less accessible habitats are being assulted by the dangerous poachers. 

The habitat fragmentation has also divided the elephant population into very small groups, which causes a major risk of inbreeding. Now it is known to be said by some biologists that there are no longer any wild Asian Elephant populations nearly large enough to avoid this genetic deterioration over a long period of time.

Let's prevent this beautiful species from becoming extinct, by working together and reduce the hunting and the capturing of wild elephants for ivory tourism. We can also work together by limiting the habitat destruction. A solution we can do is to create vegetated corridors between the seperated habitats or even maintaining a buffer zone of secondary growth forest and creating waterholes.

Paul Shaffer once said "when you look into the eyes of an animal you've rescued, you can't help but fall in love." So let this be the start of something new, by protecting this endangered species.

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