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Help make OKCash a form of payment for Discord Nitro!

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Everyday more and more people are being educated about Cryptocurrency, a huge majority has perceived it as a legitimate and viable method of payment, as opposed to fiat (Cash/Bank notes) and others.

Cryptos are decentralized, meaning: no bank, or government group can control them. And they popularly used online to purchase goods such as video games and clothes and much more! Just like cash, only better!

The moral of this movement is to help Discord understand the possibilities of digital assets, and how essential it is to the advancing world. Having different payment methods can surely benefit both parties of any kind. The buyer can easily pick and choose which method is suitable for them at their convenience, and companies can still profit as they please.

The world is progressing towards the future, almost everything now can be accessible online; clothes, food, cars, plane tickets... You name it!

With that being said, Cryptocurrency was born.

Since Cryptocurrency is so popular in this day and age, why not hop on the train?

You (Discord) will be able to please if not thousands, but hundreds of thousands of users by a simple decision, by caring for your users needs and fitting in with the new trend!

By simply searching online, you will find hundreds of companies that now accept Cryptocurrency, such as NewEgg, Reddit, Subway, Microsoft, etc...

Why not you?

Believe it or not, many people don't have access to cash or Mastercards//VISA Cards. But a large majority of users can easily acquire Cryptocurrency and pay for goods and services online instantly with no hassle!

Users would love to pay for Nitro, monthly, but are not able to because of the payment limitations currently available, we must expand!

The solution is simple:

A mutually beneficial agreement is at hand, for both you and your users!

Without further ado, allow me to introduce OKCash!



*The future of social payments*

OKCash is an open-source digital currency which enables users to make instant transactions. The OKCash network is decentralized, meaning that it is free of middlemen and bank control.

Welcome to the next generation of digital currency.

OK is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls it and everyone can take part.

OKCash can be sent to friends and family, or pay for goods and services, anywhere in the world. There are no bank commissions or hidden fees! You can also share and spend OKCash via social networks.


We are all very excited to share this with you, and we understand that you are doing your utmost best to provide only the best of services for everyone on Discord.

And we strongly believe that you will be praised and receive positive feedback from the Crypto community, as well as benefiting from Cryptocurrencies as a whole, especially when it comes to Nitro, or any other possible future services, OKCash is ready to help you make those transactions faster and securely and will surely meet and fulfill your expectations.

We are huge supporters of Discord here at OKCash, without you, we wouldn't even be here. And we absolutely love the mindset of the company and the target it aims for. Which is why we are hoping you will consider the possibility and will do the right thing in the near future.

A promising future awaits.




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