To resume International flights in India ASAP

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As Covid-19 has distrupted many businesses and lives of people across the world, we are really proud that Government of India has taken an incredible step in controlling the virus and the lockdown measures for Two months. Now, 31 May 2020, The government has announced many relaxations and many state governments has eased the restrictions. With Shopping malls, Religious places, Cinema halls etc opening up soon, Why not International Flights?

It is really amazing that the Central Government is bringing back stranded Indians abroad through Vande Bharat Mission. But what about Students and NRIs who are stuck here? How does people leaving pose a threat more than people coming into the country? Many countries like Canada etc are accepting people to come in, especially students. We, as students are facing a lot of issues as our courses are to resume and we have spent a lot of money with great difficulty to get ourselves enrolled in a foreign institute. With delaying International flights, we are missing out of major parts of our life and career. There are many NRIs as well who are paying their rent in foriegn countries leaving their job there. NRI do contribute to a large portion of the Indian Economy. Their jobs are at huge risks. 

There are rumors that this delay is being done for the benefit of AirIndia. But there are lot of lives being risked at this stake. We kindly request the government to start international flights as soon as possible. Minimum number of flights in caliberated manner will also be a huge relief for us.