Dublin Zoo should only sell Vegan food

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Zoos cannot claim to care about animals if they are simultaneously selling sentient farmed animals as “food” to visitors and their staff.

This is blatant profiteering from needless animal suffering and death.

All zoos should only serve vegan food if they want to foster a sense of respect for animals at all.

It is the height of hypocrisy to encourage a child to eat the murdered body of one animal whilst at the same time petting another one.

Zoos selling animal products breed the idea of violent speciesism.

Exploiting farm animals in this way goes against their own purported mantra: “Dublin Zoo is managed by caring zoo professionals who devote their lives to the welfare and care of animals and to understanding their needs” (https://www.dublinzoo.ie/59/About-Us.aspx

It is obvious they do not extend that caring devotion to the interests of ALL animals. 

Zookeepers need to align their actions with their stated values, and stop promoting unnecessary violence against our evolutionary cousins, who feel physical and emotional pains the same as we do.

All zoos must become Vegan in terms of products sold at the very least if they wish to recover their reputation as animal exploiters.

Full respect for our fellow Earthlings would be to not use them at all for food, clothing, cosmetics, medical tests nor entertainment.

Banning the sale of animal products in zoos is a vital step in achieving the harmonious vegan world we all should be striving for.

I have my own views on the ethics of the existence of zoos at all, but that is best kept for a different petition.

Let’s start with veganising for sale produce in Dublin Zoo, and then take this drive for justice worldwide.


See this site as a great resource on efforts to eliminate zoos completely:




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