More Passengers Less Seats: SCAM by Airlines

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I booked a direct flight from Hyderabad to Patna (Flight no. 6E-982 Indigo) for my parents who had gone all the way to Hyderabad for my mother's medical treatment. To utter disguise, when my parents reached Hyderabad Airport, the person sitting at the Indigo Counter refused to accommodate them in the flight stating that the seats are already full and instead offered them another flight which was connecting flight from Hyderabad to Delhi and then Delhi to Patna (2 hrs flight made to 6 hrs flight). The girl argued with me and my parents and was reluctant to see our confirmed ticket and ignored to address grievances of all the passengers they refuse to board.  When the flight was about to depart my parents and other passengers had no other option but to take another flight's tickets.  

This is a scam which airlines are running where innocent people like us are made victims of their unethical and unfair trade practices. The problem is not unique as it has become a daily practice and being experienced by many of us. They book tickets more than the seats available and then either cancel your flight or refuse your boarding citing irrational reasons. Also when your flight is of early hours there is no officer present at the Airport to help you out with the issue. The customer care of the airlines also refuses to help you with the same.  In order to gain profit, these airlines are just playing with the hard earned money of middle-class individuals. We are citizens of a welfare state where these kind of malpractices are unbearable. 

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