Missouri DOC to end the 24 HR. Lockdown at Crossroads Correctional Center.

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Due to a riot the inmates at the Crossroads Correctional Facility in Cameron Missouri have been on 24 hour lockdown since Sunday, May 13th 2018. Though many inmates were transferred to other Missouri Prisons many of the inmates were left behind on lockdown in Crossroads and have been forced to deal with these horrible living conditions. The inmates have been forced to eat two bologna sandwiches on a daily basis and are being refused nutritional meals which have caused many of the inmates to loose drastic amounts of weight. The inmates are allowed 5 minutes out of their cells twice a week to shower. They are being denied adequate medical services and legal calls with their Attorneys. Inmates are complaining of MRSA bacterial infection spreading amongst inmates. We are asking The Director of the Mo. Department or Corrections to end this cruel and unusual punishment by immediately ordering the administration staff at Crossroads Correctional Facility to end the Lockdown and allow the inmates who were not involved in the riot back in open general population.