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Bring Back "Moral Orel"!

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Hello Adult Swim and Cartoon Network. We have see the most recent "episode" of the long time ago cancelled Moral Orel, entitled "Abstinence".  Its animation was horrible, with claymation and not stop-motion! Why? (the most recent Orel episode was "Beforel Orel: Trust")

In 2009, Moral Orel was cancelled and Dino Stamatopoulos rejected the chance of continue the series for make other interesting projects, like High School USA!. However, transcriptions of episodes like the one in that Miss Scuptham have twins, or the episode in that Clay's father dies, are interesting, but it's unknown if they counts in the Orel canon (this list remember we the cancelled episodes of Invader Zim).

For that reason, we try to convince your executives for make another season of Moral Orel (or could be a film in theaters). Please Adult Swim and CN, their programming blocks are and still being the best!

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