Digital Project : Know Your College by HRD: Include ICC (for Sexual Harrasment) details

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We appreciate the initiative of AICTE and MHRD(?) in including the Anti Ragging and Ombusdmen sections for each college in
However, considering the magnitude of Sexual Harrassment faced by woman students/girls in colleges mean an effective Internal Complaints Committee is vital to their well being. 

I was shocked to personally see the behaviour of staff and Principal of a Polytechnic College towards students (they will claim "fatherly love"!) in front of me. It is, I can say a clear violation of the body privacy sanctioned to the child but clearly distorted and abused due to the power positions held by such staff and management. Furthermore, many of these girls are not even 18 when they reach here and are unable to make clear decisions under fear and pressure.

I request all Commissions and the Know Your College portal people to consider it a high priority and provide a list of these Internal Complaints Committee in public domain, easily available and accessible to the student victim.

Many college websites do not reveal such information in their public portals. Some colleges do not even have a public website. Emails and helplines are an easier way for children and students to report. Not giving such options and not explicitly showcasing these processes in college premises as posters and orientation prorgammes is a grave lapse we are doing despite giving them some legal right to battle such evils. Ten years back when I was studying, the case was the same and even today it is still so. That is a very sad thing.

We seek to understand the escalation mechanisms as well in cases where an Internal Committee cannot be trusted at all owing to the people involved in such act. Kindly give us and children a lot more clarity, ease of access and immediate action to make ICC available in public domain. And the way further up.

I see web portals of prestigious institutions like Christ University having such clear sections with email ids and contact of each member of such committee. And then many whose websites have none. And then many with no websites at all.

Please do something about it at your earliest. How easy will it be for the child/student to go and hand over a written complain after asking the abuser about the details of the ICC committee members?

More clear details or emails of the Ombudsperson/Anti-Ragging Committees is also not available in the colleges we looked up. Please note that giving a written letter and getting an acknowledgement from college people is a "not so easy" task, especially for children/students.

Please note that in Government and Government Aided institutions, the children exposed are even more vulnerable and scared to enter into such intiatives.


We see complaint mechanisms online in the site of Women's Commissions and State Commissions of Child Rights and Woman. It gives us a complaint number, but no digital way of checking the status of the complaints. Also, there are no emails mostly regarding the same. Such a complaint system is incomplete and is open to different lapses and failure. Kindly include a online status checking mechanism to such portals for easy and  efficient tracking by complainant.