Change the dictionary definition and online search results of "wife beater"

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Although it's impossible to pinpoint exactly how it happened, the term "wife beater" has somehow become a common and acceptable way to refer to sleeveless vests or tank tops.

But calling an everyday item of clothing worn by millions of people after an act of domestic violence that affects about 1 in 3 (35%) of women worldwide is anything but acceptable. 

Yet for some reason, every dictionary - from Merriam Webster to - all continue to perpetuate the association between wife beaters and tank tops through their official definitions of the term. In fact, the only definition of "wife beater" given on Merriam Webster is "a man's white tank top".

We want to remove wife beaters from our language and society once and for all, that's why we've created this petition to change the dictionary definition and online search results of "wife beater".

We hope that by shining a light on how absolutely absurd and offensive calling tank tops "wife beaters" is, we can stop normalizing this term and remove it from our clothing culture and everyday vernacular.