Alamo Flea Market Pet Sales

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The animal welfare community in the valley is continuously growing as are our concerns with the local mentality towards these issues. Even with more involvement from shelters, rescuers, and citizens of the community we do not see local intake nunbers skip a beat. Meaning a rescue can save 100 dogs today but the space will quickly be filled the next day. Leaving the same frantic pace and stress to save them. Or Euthanize them which is what happens in most cases. 

It is costing thousands upon thosands of dollars to the individual reacuer to save these animals when we are seeing our local governments do little to nothing to solve the issue. Things have to change and Now. 

If we cannot help the situation working from the shelters it makes more sense to direct the root of the problems. Which is the underground and illegal marketplace for selling overbred and stolen animals.

Most flea market enthusiasts know our local government turns a blind eye to the issues of counterfeit and illegal items sold. Fake makeup, Dvds, clothing, and animals.

The Alamo flea market is known for selling various Birds, bunnies, dogs, cats, reptiles, and other live creatures with no permits displayed. There are also booths vaccinating animals without permits displayed.

Please contact the Mayor of Alamo Diana Martinez  at  956 - 787 - 0006 and urge her to look into these possible illegal sales of animals. Encourage her to be an advocate for the animals of the RGV. We need our Breeding laws enforced and we need to be stricter as to who is eligible for one.  Please Share. 

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