A Photo ID on the Victorian Taxi Discount Card

A Photo ID on the Victorian Taxi Discount Card

6 August 2020
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Started by Phillip chalker

The MPTP card in Victoria has the registered person's name printed on it. The equivalent card, in QLD (TSS card) has a photo of the client, thus stopping unauthorised persons from using other peoples cards.  By inclusion of an identification photo it would stop the possibility of cards being stolen and misused by anyone. 

I want to have Photo ID upon the Victorian Taxi Discount cards.  Taxi drivers do not ask for the identification of the passenger using the card. This leaves the system open to being wrought.

I have emailed Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria directly, and recieved only a 'standard reply' email with no information provided. Please see the included email reply.

It would benefit all persons who use the cards if the cards were applicable Australia wide, not just State-by-state.  Currently when I travel I also need Vouchers for interstate transport.  This could be easily remedied by the Minister for Transport.


Hi Philip,

Thank you for your email and suggestion.

MPTP member feedback is important to us.  We regularly review feedback and incorporate it where possible.  We are currently reviewing our MPTP systems, this is an ongoing project that we have no information on at this time. We are not aware of any plans to change the card format at this time however, we will pass this feedback on to the project group.

If you would like a call to discuss this please advise.

Customer Services Division
Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria
Level 24, 1 Spring Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000
T: 1800 638 802

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Signatures: 5Next goal: 10
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