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Catch the culprits who stole - Minutes Book of Gandhi Seva Sadan and Seva Sadan Societies

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1. I (Padmini Anand) am an executive member of the Gandhi Seva Sadan Society & Seva Sadan Society which my father founded along with other prominent social figures. The society which was founded to serve the public, started suffering due to dictatorial style of one of the executive members (EXE1), in total contrast to the ethos of the Society. He /She did this to further his/her selfish interest to misappropriate power and wealth. The missing Minutes Books contain my notes galore bringing these misappropriations to the fore. It contains a lot of evidence that can incriminate the EXE1 and threatens his continuation in the Society. On one occasion, another executive member (EXE2), playing second fiddle to the EXE1, was caught while trying to steal away some files by the Society Staff. My Son, Mr. Ajith Prasad Anand, in his capacity as my PA had access to photo copies of various individual minutes before an year, which my son claimed on a “Social Media posting” to possess and challenged EXE1 AND EXE2 that he will expose their wrong doings. Citing the Social Media posting, these two executive members forged a theft case against my Son with the Mankara Police saying he had stolen the Minutes Books.

2. Since a year, The EXE1 has given written instructions to the office staff, not to provide even a photocopy of the minutes to me. Under written instructions from EXE1 and EXE2, the Minutes Books were under the safe custody in the office. Without their knowledge, nobody can access the minutes book unless the office is burgled. Either these two executive members have destroyed it or they are hiding it for their mutual benefit and cheating the public by saying my son has stolen it.

3. These societies earn bread and butter for hundreds and thousands of students. They benefit from its services and the Minutes Books and the incriminating evidences that it holds are extremely invaluable for the Societies' survival. To book the real culprits, since they are highly influential, we request your kind involvement.
Looking forward to a favourable action.

Padmini Anand

Executive Member

Gandhi Seva Sadan Society, Seva Sadan Society & Kathakali Academy Society

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