To change The operating policies in Windsor, NS for The Avon River & Fish passage

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DFO and the Dept of Agriculture are refusing to reinforce the company who operate the gates at the Windsor Causeway fish passage through the Windsor Causeway as well as depriving them of a maintenance stream at low tide, by doing so they are suffocating the fish that are waiting to go up stream to spawn. The company is violating the fisheries act both DFO and Dept of Agriculture. They refuse to address and enforce the problem, but rather turn a blind eye. The gates that separate the causeway from the rest of the river are meant to be open at low tide to provide a maintenance flow and they’ve failed to do so many many times, they also claim they open the gates for a total of 10 mins, the reality is they only get maybe 6-8 mins therefor denying a large amount of fish to actual get passage to their spawning grounds.

We are seeking to have the gates open for a longer period time, as well for them to maintain the maintenance flow at every low tides and allow actual fish passage durning the tide cycles according to the rules and regulations put forth by DFO.

Windsor, DFO and the department of agriculture have already had a big FISH KILL this year, turned away one of the biggest runs of the year, and keep turning away fish that are waiting to spawn. And yet DFO has failed to fine, issue warning or even comment on the issue. This is all over a POND (they call it a lake) for the town of Windsor. While they play games with the fish and people’s careers, they break their own rules they have set in black n white. Time for them to be held accountable, time for the people in charge to step up or step down.