Make Mumbai safe place for pedestrians and ordinary population of the city

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Over last couple of decades, Mumbai has witnessed multiple accidents almost daily. Some of those have proven fatal to a number of ordinary people who just wish to live and work in Mumbai safely. Struggle starts from daily commute of local train that goes on till they return home safely.

In the light of the recent Himalaya bridge collapse mishap in Mumbai that left multiple families suffering and bereft of their loved ones, we have started worrying about our safety endangered by the negligence of the goverments of our country than any outsiders or terrorists.

No matter whether it was corruption, apathy or forfeited responsibility. Who is arrested, who is guilty, etc. these things hardly matter now.
Reality is not going to change for the multiple families who have lost their dear ones. This loss is not going to be compensated with anything in this world, let alone the meager amount of Rs. 5 lacs offered by the government.

Surprisingly media is still looking at this as a crispy piece of news. Have we lost all our sensibilities and sensitivity?

If people are losing lives because of sheer negligence and self-centred monetary thinking of certain authorities, why should the ordinary people even pay taxes to the government if safety of life is not assured?

Is this how responsible citizens in the commercial capital of the biggest democracy have to suffer? Should we really boast about our achievements when ordinary people are losing their lives daily to avoidable accidents and unenforced laws?

It seems that greed has grown to an extent that money has become priority over the lives of people. So even if people are hurt or in danger, others have no concerns about it.

I request each one of you to please think this thoroughly, cause even though today it was one of my acquaintances who has left this world in this avoidable mishap, it could've easily been someone of your closed ones.

This silent inhumanity and cruelty should be stopped. The atrocities of irresponsible few working in the places of authority should stop.

I request you all to support this petition to make our governments aware of problems faced by us and demand them bring paradigm shift in the way it's been operated.