Development for Penang, not Penang for Developers - CANCEL SRS!

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To our fellow Malaysians,

We have fought long and hard to put a new government in place and we finally won! We inspired not only ourselves but now Malaysia is a shining beacon of hope to people all over the world who are battling against their own corrupt regimes.

However we must not let our guard down as evil can rear its ugly head at any time. 

Penang government wants to implement a transport masterplan (PTMP) that was planned by a private sector consortium called SRS Consortium. SRS stands for South Reclamation Scheme. SRS is a joint venture of Gamuda, Ideal Property (developer) and Loh Phoy Yen Holdings (related to developer). 

Why are we letting developers and a construction company plan as well as implement our state transport system? This is a serious conflict of interest and must not be allowed in the new Malaysia! 

This project was approved by Penang state while it was still in opposition. The premise was that Federal government at that time would not approve funding for a proper transport system in Penang, so we needed a plan to fund our own transport needs.

This SRS plan helps the state to earn money but it is a massive scheme which has been reported to cost anywhere from Rm27bn to Rm47bn. However now that Penang is no longer an opposition state, shouldn't it review its transport plan? 

Even Mr Koon Yew Yin, a one time owner of Gamuda himself, has this to say in his blog:

  • They are not (even) engineering consultants. They are construction contractors. Gamuda might have constructed the tunnel in Kuala Lumpur but they did not design it;
  • Penang state government opted for the Project Development Partner (PDP) structure of the Klang Valley MRT which has been heavily criticised for cronyism and abuse. From the rakyat’s experience... (this) will definitely be unpleasant and disastrous for the public.

So why is Penang using this method now? 

We want Development for Penangites, not Penang for Developers!

Penang people, Say NO to developers!

Malaysians, say NO to BN style of awarding contracts! 

We have suffered greatly the past year from landslides and flooding. How much longer will Penang continue to be fooled by developers who appear to offer solutions to our housing and traffic problem but in actual fact, are only offering the solutions that benefit them? 

This SRS plan which I now call the Penang Developer Masterplan (PDMP) increases our population density on the island, increases pollution, threatens our water supply, makes us even more addicted to cars and most importantly, may not even succeed in decreasing our congestion! Think about it, if the traffic jam problem never ends, the developers and Gamuda can have never-ending land reclamation, LRT and highway projects to build!!!

We are not against development. We are not against LRT, highways, MRT.


  1. Penang MUST HAVE a long-term development plan FIRST before a transport master plan
  2. Penang Transport Masterplan MUST be developed by independent transport consultants along the goals of our development plan. 
  3. The planning process MUST BE transparent AND involve PROPER consultation with the public and various stakeholders. 
  4. Solutions MUST BE sustainable to PROTECT our people and our living standards.
  5. We STRONGLY URGE Penang State government to follow the World Bank procurement guidelines in order to minimise corruption and abuse. 

Fellow Malaysians, you may say that this is a Penang problem, nothing to do with you, but its not true. Once we allow this sort of practise to creep back into Malaysia, how many more years would it take for us to get rid of again? We must not let that happen again. We must stop it now. 

Please, I urge all Malaysians to sign this petition to protect Malaysia from greed, cronyism and corruption. 

Thank you

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