Help Erick and Deer Back on The Public Bus !

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There is a young man named Erick Brown who lives in Detroit Michigan Who has a registered service animal, a pygmy goat named Deer. Erick has a mental disability from injuries to his brain as a child.  After looking at your policies, it looks as though you follow the ADA guidelines for disabled people and service animals. The problem lies here, some of your drivers will let Erick and his goat on the bus and some will not. If this is your policy it is policy, it is not up to individual drivers to say not on "my" bus, Erick was able to raise over fifteen thousand dollars on gofundme, I assure you he will find a lawyer to take up his case if this can not be resolved otherwise. It would be a shame if he got kicked off another bus in the middle of the night in such a safe city and something happened to him.