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Change the Design of the Playable Character in Hatred

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Hatred is an upcoming game being developed by Destructive Creations. A recently released trailer displays the gameplay, which is entirely comprised of murdering innocent civilians. I have no place to say that the game itself should not be released, however tasteless I find it to be.

However, as a heavy metal fan, I am disturbed that the developers have chosen to appropriate a definitive image of metal fandom in the creation of their protagonist, who sports long black hair and a black leather overcoat. Heavy metal has a tragic history of being connected with senseless acts of violence for reasons both legitimate and illegitimate. I do not wish for negative stereotypes of heavy metal fans to be reinforced with this character design.

In addition, at least one blogger has found connections between the developers and Polish right-wing hate groups, and I do not wish for such an image of metal fandom to have any kind of connection with such groups, regardless of how often prominent metal musicians or fans have associated with hate groups in the past. There have always been metal fans, talented metal musicians, and gamers in the cultural groups these hate groups target, and associating with such groups tells them "we don't want you here." That is wrong.

Destructive Creations have the right to make and release their game, but I ask that they please reconsider the design of their main character, such that those disturbed by this game's mass murder simulation not associate that with heavy metal.

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