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Release Pinky and other Dogs inhumanely confined at Des Moines Animal Rescue League

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 We seek justice in the treatment of PINKY, 

Pinky is a mixed-breed gentle family dog, who has been severely confined at  the Animal Rescue League of Iowa since March 2016 in their locked backroom.

Conditions are so severe in that she does not get any exercise and has never been allowed to be seen by her owner or the attorney representing the owner. People can hear her crying down the hall but the backroom is off limits to everyone. An ARL animal control officer testified in district court those dogs are NEVER exercised.  Only under public pressure did they release a video of her after one year in solitary confinement.

Long-time confinement is inhumane.  Studies prove that dogs are social animals and find that separation from human interaction leaves them chronically stressed.
They resort to repetitive behaviors such as spinning, bouncing off walls -- similar to zoochosis. This treatment is counter-productive to "keeping dogs safe" as ARL has stated.  Instead it is physically and mentally damaging to Pinky.  Most age quickly and suffer from arthritis from being caged.

Her current condition is also unknown - since April 2016. The Chief Humane Officer stated at the September hearing that he has not seen Pinky for months.

Many other dogs have bitten humans, killed other animals, and have shown vicious propensities -- and have been released and even adopted out. Many owners have been able to see their dogs in "isolation" in their backroom and have had them released. 

We want to see Pinky. 
We want her to receive humane treatment. 
We want to have a vet of our choice see her regularly.
We want her released immediately.        
Allow taxpayer monies to go to true animal advocacy efforts instead of funding efforts to put her down.  She is a gentle animal.


Pinky has NEVER killed an animal --
never bitten a human --
never bitten a dog --
never shown any vicious propensities...always sweet.
There is currently NO LAW preventing ARL from allowing the owner or attorney to check in on PINKY -- requests are repeatedly denied.

There are other dogs that have been in this same situation in this backroom withno suitable sunlight, visitation, or exercise -- they do not even leave the cage to clean it -- Diesel and Malice have been there a year or more.  Diesel is a service dog unfairly taken from his owner. 

The ARL says the city is responsible for Pinky's incarceration...yet they manage and operate the city's Animal Control by their contract.  

The city must represent ARL since they are not city employees.

Pinky's owner has spent enormous amounts of money to try and save Pinky from this situation -- while the ARL Animal Control uses city attorneys and taxpayer funds for these countless legal proceedings.

The attorney representing ARL recently noticed Pinky's owner to pay thousands for boarding Pinky in solitary confinement -- the very thing she is fighting -- for her release!

Countless dogs have died as a result as many owners cannot afford legal costs. It is time this is ended and these dogs and owners reunited.  

PINKY deserves to live -- she is a good girl.  So do Diesel and Malice and countless other dogs targeted and persecuted by ARL.  

See the Facebook Page:  "Save Pinky's Life" for copies of court documents and proceedings. 

Save Pinky's Life  Link to Facebook page

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