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Livestock left without adequate shade / shelter during fierce heatwave.

Temperatures throughout Australia have been over 40 degrees day after day. There has been no relief overnight with temperatures remaining in the 30s.

Large numbers of stock  (including cattle, sheep and horses) are suffering in paddocks that have barely adequate or no shade/shelter. These animals are left exposed to the burning sun, they seek out shade thrown from a fence post or the body of another animal. Animals DO suffer from heatstroke.

We are demanding that the Government makes the provision of shade / shelter mandatory in ALL States/Territories of Australia. All livestock that are kept paddocked are to be included; sheep, cattle, alpacas, goats, pigs, horses, donkeys. Fines must be imposed upon all stock owners who fail to provide this very basic need.

Please refer to attachments which support the NEED for mandatory shade.   

Photo credit: Pixabay