Save kish park ducks from being relocated!

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Derry township board of supervisors decided without any agreement from mifflin county citizens that they are going to (scare) the ducks and geese out of kish park in Mifflin county PA. According to the Derry township board of supervisors the ducks and geese are ruining the banks by sliding into the water, and eating the plant life. Derry township also plans on giving a fine to anyone caught feeding the wildlife. As a regular attendee of kish park this is absolutely ridiculous, everyone who goes to kish, goes to feed the ducks! Thats the main attraction, and considering there is not much to do in our county as it is, why take that enjoyment for our kids and ourselves away? Sign the petition if you want the ducks and geese to stay at kish park.

Stop the reloaction and find other alternatives.

I am just a mifflin county citizen who enjoys kish park, seeing and feeding the ducks.