We reject DFRS Review of Duty Systems & Ways of Working proposals. Fire cuts cost lives!

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We reject DFRS Review of Duty Systems & Ways of Working proposals. Fire cuts cost lives!

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tina flanagan started this petition to Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service Authority (DFRS)

Glossopdale is one of two areas in Derbyshire being targeted for cuts to it's emergency Fire and Rescue Service. Chief Fire Officer Terry McDermott has produced an Integrated Risk Management Plan (2017-2021), the service acknowledge that £1.6m savings have to be made by 2019/20. Proposed Glossopdale fire cuts are as a result of this. 

CUTS COULD COST LIVES Whether you or a loved one live in the Glossopdale area, or you are concerned the proposals will take away your services (from other High Peak areas or Greater Manchester) or you drive though Glossopdale using the M67, Woodhead, Snake Pass, Chunnal or through Chisworth these cuts may affect you. Please complete the official consultation form online. BY THE CLOSING DATE OF 16th FEBRUARY - NOW CLOSED BUT YOU CAN SIGN THE PETITION AND SHARE YOUR VIEWS HERE https://www.ors.org.uk/web/index.php/survey/index/sid/757977/lang/en

Tip - Please feel free to use any of the text below of points raised by residents, also if you do not agree with any of the three options which all result in cuts just press NEXT and skip that question. 

⭐️ Points made by Glossopdale residents which support rejecting these money saving proposals include - 

• Incorrect data used in the document, CO Terry McDermott states “The decision to review the duty system at Glossop and Matlock Fire Stations was taken based on extensive and thorough data and performance analysis." In fact the population figures used in the proposals are wrong. 15,107 Glossopdale residents short! The 18,000 figure used is from the 2011 census. The area that Whitfield Fire Station covers is the whole of Glossopdale, the most recent official population count is 33,107. *Although this figure is several thousand short of the current population with predictions of it continuing to rise to 38,000 due to housing developments. 

• False statistics are displayed on a graph on the proposal document for cuts by CO Terry McDermott. The main reason stated for the proposals happening is mobilisation lessening. The graph shows in 16/17 call out rates displayed as being at their lowest in 6 years, which is incorrect as they were 245 mobilisations. In 14/15 and 13/14 they were lower at 240 and 244. The proposals should be withdrawn due to this fraudulent representation. The charts and true figures are attached in the update/news section of this petition. 

• Glossop's station has Whitfield Fire Houses attached, they are used by our full time Fire Fighters and their families. If any of the three proposals are allowed to be selected, they will sold off for a 2 million pound profit. Which is the main reason Glossopdale has been selected for reckless cuts. 

• Do not make cuts on the front line of our Fire fighting and rescue services, start with senior management. 13 senior managers were listed in 2015/2016 as having salary, expenses and pension packages worth between £80,694 and £177,259. See the document attached below. 

• Glossopdale has some of Derbyshires most accident ridden and treacherous roads which Whitfield station attends to, Chunal, The Snake Pass and Woodhead.

• Moorlands surround Glossopdale, fires are a regular occurrence during the summertime, we need a strong fulltime unit to deal with these so they do not get out of hand. 

• Having on call fire services during the busiest times of the week for fire and rescue operations is madness, nights and weekends need a full time service. 

• Derbyshire County Council's emergency committee has confirmed a factory in Glossopdale named Carpenter ltd is listed as an Upper Tier COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazard) establishment! 850 people live within the emergency planning zone, a further 11,700 live within the extended area at risk zone (according to 2006 population figures which have since increased) 526 tonnes of toxic chemicals are stored at the facility. If there was a fire a toxic smoke plume could encompass the whole of Glossopdale and surrounding areas. Kingspan for Kooltherm, Combat Polystyrene, Lancashire Chemicals have been named as also having hazardous materials. We are still an industrial town. 

• Replacing full time live in firefighters with day shift and on call firefighters evenings and weekends could cause a delay in attending a fire or accident. A firefighter should be within 5 minutes travelling time to Whitfield station after receiving an emergency alert. This is not acceptable plus we feel there are to many variables that could slow this process down.

• Concerns raised by Local Councillor Edward Siddall and High Peak MP Ruth George include - we may end up relying on other teams coming from other areas within the High Peak or Greater Manchester. Every second counts in an emergency. This also takes emergency services away from other areas endangering further lives. 

• Why has Buxton retained its full time emergency services once more when it has a smaller population. 

• How do you think cuts have affected Glossopdale so far? Has closing Glossop police station for 12 hours every night and reduced number of police officers on duty effected you personally as crime rates increase. Had to call an ambulance recently? Confirmatio of a one hour and fifty minute wait after a road traffic collision on Sheffield Road Glossop. Need rehabilitation in a local hospital? Shire Hill is under threat of closure and one of our historical building sold off.  Had a medical emergency and required a GP out of hours appointment? Then you had to travel to Ashton under Lyne 8 miles away. ENOUGH....  

You cannot keep developing a location, increasing the population without investing in its infrastructure. Local authorities profiting and imposing cutbacks simultaneously.

• Edward Siddall local councillor  - "I would suggest sharing the senior management team with Nottingham from the fire chief and senior directors similar to High Peak and staffs moorlands, get rid of the regional divisions and have a north and south Derbyshire division. This will save money on management not front line services." We agree with this proposal! 


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This petition had 2,213 supporters