Todesurteil gegen Mazlum Dağ und Abdurrahman Er aufheben

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Mr. Neçirvan Barzani

President oft he Federal Region of Kurdistan 04.12.2020

As an ancient people burdened with the painful history of a geography dominated by chaos, Kurds are trying to build their future without compromising human values and honorable life ideals. Despite all kinds of injustice and oppression, it is a universal character of the Kurds to continue their struggle without giving up justice, high morals and democracy.

On July 17, 2019, a fatal incident took place in Erbil, the capital of the Iraqi Kurdistan region. Shortly after the incident, many people, including Abdurrahman Er and Mazlum Dağ, were detained and arrested later.

On 11th February 2020, these two men were taken to court. As a result of a short trial, the death penalty was given to Abdurrahman Er and Mazlum Dağ by the Erbil 2nd Criminal Court. Afterwards, the file went to the appellate court. On September 22, 2020, the death sentence was upheld by the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government Appeals Court. Now, your consent is required for the execution to take place.

There is the death penalty in Iraqi and Kurdistan laws and until today many death sentences have been executed. It is likely that an execution order will be issued for Abdurrahman Er and Mazlum Dağ, too. Their families, relatives and friends are in an anxious wait. This concern is increased by the conclusion of the proceedings in a short time.

The death penalty has been largely removed from the law in modern criminal codes and democratic countries. The UN and the EU have taken many decisions and made binding regulations to abolish the death penalty. Of course, these days have not come easily. Great struggles were fought in this area. Major campaigns against the death penalty have been carried out by lawyers, human rights defenders and humanitarian institutions around the world. This issue is still on the agenda of human rights defenders and humanitarian institutions.

We are also against executions and the death penalty. Unfortunately, we have very painful memories of the execution in the history of the Kurds. Thousands of Kurdish people were executed, including Şex Said, Seyid Rıza, Qazi Muhammed and Leyla Qasım. The pain of this deep trauma is still very fresh. Kurdish youngsters and women are still being executed in Iranian Kurdistan. We should all raise our voices against this inhumanity and black mark in history.

We know that the death penalty is not the solution to any problem and we believe that people should not be killed. The death penalty should be removed from the law. In this sense, as a concrete event, we stand with the families of Abdurrahman Er and Mazlum Dağ so that the death penalty is not executed. In this context, we established the "Solidarity Initiative with Abdurrahman Er and Mazlum Dağ Against Death" with their families as the first initiative.

As a committee, we are launching a campaign against death. We call on human rights defenders, lawyers, democrats, humanitarian institutions and all concerned to show solidarity with us.

In this context, we call upon you as the President of the Kurdistan Region: "Do not sign this death sentence, prevent this execution." At this stage, you are in a position to prevent the execution. Only by not taking a new step at this point, by not signing this heavy decision, you can prevent an irreparable situation from occurring.

We believe that you will not allow this persecution both for humanitarian reasons and considering the conditions of the current period.

Best regards