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Petition to Recall All Sick Books in Ilokano MTB-MLE

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This Petition is addressed to the Honorable Leonor Briones, Secretary of the Department of Education.

The Petition comes from various communities, organizations, and individuals—all stakeholders of the Ilokano language. We have formed ourselves into an alliance we call as the Committee for the Protection of the Ilokano Language and the Ilokano MTB-MLE.

The widespread use of sick books, defined in this Petition as unsound in substance and erroneous in grammatical quality, in pre-school and Grades 1 to 3, has caused problems in the quality education of these Ilokano educatees.

The sick books, produced both by the government’s arm tasked to prepare these instructional materials and by the private sector, do not conform to the commonly or widely accepted standards of the Ilokano language.

These sick books also lack the substance that guarantee the equipping of the Ilokano educatees of the needed skills, values, knowledge, and attitudes they need to transition to the higher grades and to be prepared for life-long learning.

And finally, these sick books do not do justice to the need to reflect the ethos, life, and values of the various Ilokano communities in the Philippines and elsewhere as required in a fair and emancipatory culture-based education.

For these reasons, we urge the Honorable Secretary to please:

(a) Recall all these sick books;

(b) Inventory all Ilokano MTB-MLE textbooks and supplementary instructional materials;

(c) Assess the worthiness of all those in the inventory; and

(d) Form a Committee of Experts on the Ilokano language and culture to

          (d.1) assess all textbooks and instructional materials used in Ilokano                  MTB-MLE, and

          (d.2) advise the Department of Education in the establishment of     policies on the preparation, production, and quality assurance of all books to be used in Ilokano MTB-MLE.

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