Stop Columbus Day Sales

Stop Columbus Day Sales

April 30, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Our ancestors witnessed the 1st Columbus Day Sale⛓We’re the Descendants that will end them. Sign this bold petition to #stopcolumbusdaysales. 

I hear the voices of my ancestors. “Awaken, You have not been taken”. 

Columbus SAILED. Columbus SOLD. Columbus STOLE. Columbus HURT SOULS. Columbus SPREAD DISEASE with ease. Columbus whipped. Columbus shipped. Columbus came. Columbus MAIMED and bloodstained. Columbus RENAMED. Still, Corporate America gives him fame?!!


I'm ready to reclaim what’s remained. I simply can’t rationalize how brands use a murders name to capitalize. So, I fanaticize about ways to mobilize. Here’s the route. I am calling you out because your messaging causes doubt. 


It seems that your multicultural department is still in a deep slumber. Is it ignorance or greed? Pick up a history book and start to read. The truth will bleed.


There are jagged parts of history you simply can’t polish. 

There are ways to make history with a simple abolish. 

Show me you acknowledge. 


In conclusion, if you believe in diversity or inclusion, you’d stop living in the illusion that your amazing Columbus Day Sale won’t offend. I won’t pretend. You can’t be a friend with the message that you send. 


These thoughts are my own, with No Filter. Would you ever say 50% off towels for Hitler?  


You can’t honorably celebrate him and Hispanic Heritage Month without it looking like a front. Columbus Sales have resulted in many tears on trails.


Put your empathy on display and do away with Columbus Day Sales. Let 2018 be your last #ColumbusDayFAIL.  



Support now
Signatures: 1,927Next Goal: 2,500
Support now