Remove Death Penalty for Strays and Give Them A Second Chance

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We are from Malaysian Animal Welfare Association would like to appeal to Malaysian Government to make Malaysia as No Kill Country. We believe this will be  a great initiative to see Malaysia as reformed nation and as a country that respects animal rights as well. While we have an act that protects animal right but the enforcement is still weak. 

It was brought to our attention how strays are being managed inhumanely by authorities as well as general publics (Abusers). Whether it is done by authorities or abusers, cruelty towards strays has never stopped.

Below are the demands we have from our new government.

  • Abolish the put to sleep policy performed by councils (death penalty)
  • Councils to collaborate with local shelters/NGO to look at permanent solution
  • Local council to redefine the license issuance policy for pets kept at home
  • To introduce 2 hours module at schools on stray management education and also at local residence association of housing area

With above being implemented, we believe the strays are given opportunity to live, zero abuse cases can be achieved and most importantly, Malaysia will be ZERO stray country.

We are seeking your support by signing this petition to show your support to make MALAYSIA as STRAY & ABUSE FREE COUNTRY.