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Help Children With Autism Get A Blue Badge

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My son is five years old and has Autism. He is non verbal and has little communication. He has no awareness or understanding of danger. He will walk straight into the path of traffic which compromises his safety and the safety of others.

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability and at present is not part of the criteria to qualify for a blue badge. Due to the fact my son is able to walk he was declined. This criteria has a devastating impact on the lives of many children with Autism and their families as they become isolated. Every time we leave our home we have to plan & have strategies in place to keep Brody safe. I have two older children which safety was never an issue when they where younger due been able to communicate and know consequences of their actions. The constant fear and anxiety we have is overwhelming.

Having access to a disability bay is vital for a child who is in constant danger. Been able to park directly outside of any establishments will reduce the daily risk. Also to be able to open your car door fully when he is distressed it will reduce the risk of him harming himself. It would also stop me being concerned about damaging the car parked next to me when he is having a meltdown.

I have spent endless months appealing with my local authority, they agree there is a desperate need for children with Autism to have access to this service. However the parking department will not deviate from the Department Of Transport criteria. I have supporting letters from professionals who are involved with our son on a regular basis - paediatrician, social worker, senco, carers etc. My son is being accessed on his mobility but should be on the severity of his condition. I have offered to pay for the badge, parking fees & asked for it short term but still rejected.

My concern is my son's safety and I will do all I can to reduce the risk of danger he encounters on a daily basis please help me.



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