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Improve the Tourism of the Philippines

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Tourism in all its forms has become a very important lynchpin of the strategy for economic growth. Right now, the economy is service-based and it would be great if we could even approach the tourism numbers of some of the other ASEAN countries. Ecotourism seems to be the one form which would require the least infrastructure investment, so in the short term we definitely would like to look at being able to develop a supply chain of ecotourism attractions for visitors. We’re just getting on the bandwagon for ecotourism.

In terms of the economy, we're looking to diversify sources of revenue. Today, the economy is driven really by remittances from OFWs—overseas Filipino workers—and the income derived from the BPO—business process outsourcing—industry. Ecotourism allows us to highlight or to pour some money or revenue into areas of the country which have otherwise been left unattended and untouched. 

There are certain accentuations and attributes that makes a country palmy and boomy further elevating tourism. Tourists are the primal engenders of Philippines' economy, incubating the admiration and appreciation of the country. It is an overriding duty of every Filipino to help increase the tourism of their country-Philippines.

Here are a list of things that we could consider to improve tourism in the Philippines:

  1. Remonstrance of jeopardy (safety and security):
    Tourists look for locations and spots that are ostensibly safe and secure.
  2. Cleanliness:                                                                                       Cleanliness is watched for by every tourist visiting diverse locations. It becomes a proxy which allures and fascinates the visitors to sojourn their hankered destinations. The youth in Philippines is the most in gear fraction who carry the idea of clean and green Philippines, there by influencing and leveraging tourism in their country.
  3. Web related advertisements:
    Furnishing impactful and credible web advertisements has the affinity to fascinate tourists to different destinations. These advertisements should be very accurate and alluring at the same time, keeping in mind  the famous and celebrated sites that pervade in the country. Efficient web advertisements are a good source of increasing tourism in Philippines. As internet is nowadays used in preponderance, web advertisements prove to be serviceable enough, thus pining tourists to visit Philippines.
  4. Medical facilities:
    It is important to make the visitors moving to our county feel safe on medical grounds as well. There should be a very well organized facilitation of medicines, doctors, first aid, hospitals and clinics. The belief of Indians to provide their guests with utmost respect includes the aspect of good health also. These kinds of facilities definitely help increase the tourism in Philippines.
  5. Guidance:
    Proper guidance is the need of every tourist visiting Philippines. Philippines is a land of diversities. It becomes difficult for a visitor to move on and survive if they don’t have a guide. People avoid coming as tourists if they have the point of a country being unsafe because of certain groups of people. It must be very well assured that they are made to believe that they won’t be devoid of proper guidance and promised an amazing and flabbergasting trip. An assurance increases tourism to a great extent.

In the hopes of accomplishing this goal, God bless the Philippines.

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