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Solution to Flooding: Relocation of Informal Settlers

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We demand that the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), and the National Housing Authority (NHA) to allocate funds for the relocation of informal settlers in Metro Manila. Many of them live nearby canals and waterways where it causes clogs on the country’s drainage and sewage systems. According to the Philippine Inquirer, floods in the Philippines are most likely a human made disaster than a natural occurring disaster. It is also a result of poor planning, law enforcement and political self-interest.

With that, informal settlers generally build shanties near riverbanks, storm and sewage drains and canals. For example, areas in Tondo which they dump garbage and put a risk on the flow of waterways. These communities started to flourish in the year 2009; inclined with this increasing number of people are living on the danger zones. Also, the government also had poor enforcement on the banning of building of such houses near and along creeks and floodways. During the presidential term of President Benigno Aquino, he ordered a review of the defenses against natural disasters such as typhoons however, most of it were not followed.

As citizens of this nation, we would like to suggest a solution to flooding which needed a relocation of informal settlers and building low-cost housing for the said people. Without the removal of such, the repeated dredging and cleaning of the drainage system in Metro Manila will be a waste of funds. Garbage from the people will continue to block the drainage and sewage systems. However, this would require billions of funds in order to be possible but it will benefit on the long term effect not only to the country but also to the citizens. This petition would not just help solve the flooding in the Metro Manila, it would also reduce the risk to the informal settlers living near the rivers. Most of their houses are made up of light materials where when natural disaster occurs, most of their houses are built haphazardly atop loose deposits of river sediments. Most of informal settlers live near or on the flood prone areas; when water rises, these communities are easily swept away.


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