Silver Strand in Coronado is now the worst commute in the nation. CALTRANS please fix!

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Silver Strand in Coronado is now the worst commute in the nation. CALTRANS please fix!

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The morning commute along the Silver Strand Scenic Hwy 75 has become the worst commute in the nation.  A 5 mile stretch of scenic highway takes 45+ minutes to commute.  Those negatively affected by this traffic congestion include residents of the Coronado Cays and Strand Housing.  There are several factors that account for the daily, 5 mile backups on the Strand:

The 1st and primary cause is the sheer volume of traffic from 6:00am through 8am. The preponderance of this traffic is composed of commutes to the Amphibious Base and North Island Naval Air Station. Coronado Middle School and High school commutes increase the flow after 7am except during the summer months when traffic is always lighter. Lastly, because I-5 is gridlocked from Palm Avenue to the S-curve in downtown San Diego, many Imperial Beach commuters utilize the Stand and commute over the Coronado-San Diego Bridge to their places of employment. The presence of an additional carrier at North Island increases traffic, mostly over the Coronado-San Diego Bridge. The Navy has attempted to mitigate the traffic by staggering reporting times and encouraging ride sharing. The effect of the staggering is clearly visible during the reverse commute which begins at 2:30pm and traffic volume dramatically increases southbound.

The 2nd cause of traffic backup is the traffic signals at the intersections of Tarawa and Rendova Roads. The initial cause of Stand backups is the length of the the northbound traffic signal at Tarawa Road. This signal regulates entry into both the east and west sides of the Amphibious Base coming from the north or Village side of Coronado (Northbound traffic going into the east side of the Amphibious enters on the right at Tulagi Road) . At 7:00am, northbound traffic will extend at least 2.5 miles while southbound traffic to turn left into the east side of the Amphibious Base will extend merely a few hundred feet. The traffic signal favors the southbound traffic. Thus, 20 southbound vehicles are afforded the right of way while several hundred northbound vehicles are idled. Today, 10/11/16 at 6:23am, only 100 feet of north bound traffic was allowed to transit this traffic light which turned red to allow the transit of 9 vehicles into the east side of the base. The second hindrance to a natural flow of traffic is the signal at Rendova Road which also allows southbound traffic to enter the east side of the Amphibious Base. This signal is not synchronized with the signal at Tarawa Road, which is approximately 730 feet to the south. Thus, northbound traffic which has traversed the signal at Tarawa Road is often immediately stopped at Rendova Road. Only a small amount of the northbound traffic at Tarawa Road is allowed to get through the signal because of the Rendova Road backup. Another factor exasperating the intersection at Tarawa Road is cross foot traffic between the east and west sides of the base. The distance across Route 75 at this junction if 100 feet. Caltrans allow x number of seconds per foot when the crosswalk button is activated. Though necessary for the safe transit of pedestrians, this further increases the backed up northbound traffic. Bicyclists frequently push the foot traffic button at northbound Tarawa Road which further backs up the southbound, left turn vehicle traffic. Traffic north of Rendova Road travels at a normal pace providing credibility to the belief that the Amphibious Base traffic signals cause the dramatic backup during commuting hours. The Navy attempted to mediate the southbound flow into the east side of the Amhebious base by opening up the Rendova Road gate from 6:00am to 9:00am a couple of years ago. Though this remedied the southbound backup from the Village, it actually further backed up the northbound traffic from the Cays and Imperial Beach.


Caltrans must extend the length of time at Tarawa Road favoring northbound traffic. Cost: $0.

Caltrans must extend the length of time at Rendova Road favoring northbound traffic. Cost: $0.

Caltrans must synchronize the Tarawa and Rendova Road traffic signals to insure all northbound traffic which successfully traverses the signal at Tarawa Road will also successfully traverse Rendova Road. Cost: $0.

Caltrans must allow cross foot traffic, if present, only during every 2nd traffic signal change. This may increase the transit time another 90 to 120 seconds but this time pales in comparison to the lengthy time for vehicles idling on the Strand. Cost: $0.

Caltrans must have a sensor which detects traffic emanating from the east side of the Amphibious Base, attempting to cross to the west side of the Base or to proceed north on the Strand toward the Village. Often, the traffic signal sequences to allow this traffic to move when, in fact, minimal or no traffic might be present. This light sequence frequently remains green long after the vehicles have traversed through the intersection. Cost: estimated $5,000.

Caltrans must increase the exit lane, northbound on the Strand to east Amphibious Base at Tulagi Road, , from 350 feet to 650 feet. Currently, right hand lane traffic backs up south of the exit lane, particularly when 100% identifications checks are in progress. Coronado City Police frequently cite commuters who utilize the breakdown lane prior to reaching the threshold of the exit lane. Cost: Est. $25,000-$50,000.

Caltrans must increase the length of the exit lane from 130 feet to 500 feet, northbound on the Strand at Tarawa Road allowing traffic to enter the west side of the Amphibious Base. This exit lane across Rt 75 southbound is totally inadequate. Frequently, vehicles are stranded in the middle of the southbound lanes because the security personnel are located so close to the intersection. The backup of vehicles to the exit lane from the left northbound lane cuts off utilization of the left or passing lane through the intersection thereby decreasing the amount of traffic that can pass with each signal change. Cost: Est. $25,000-$50,000.

Caltrans must increase the southbound left turn exit lanes at both Rendova and Tarawa Roads from 250 feet to 500 feet. The existing 250 foot Southbound traffic exit lanes to the east side of the Amphibious Base are inadequate and cut off southbound through traffic on the left or passing lane of the Strand. Cost: Est. $25,000 - $50,000.

None of the above improvements will necessitate widening of the established lanes north and southbound on the Strand. Sufficient medium strip property is available to extend the exit lanes.

Please sign the petition to encourage CALTRANS to resolve this issue immediately! 

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