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Free Tyson Lewi

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We want justice for Tyson Lewi. He was involved in an incident that took place on July, 30th, 2017 at Issac Hale Beach Park which is also know as Pohoiki. He is being held with a bail of 1/2 a million and is being charged with charges that another suspect avoided. Mind you other suspect shot his brother in law in the head first. It was a premeditated act with intentions to harm or kill as they, the aggressors came to where Tyson and his family and friends were.


1. Tyson Lewi Victim, innocent by stander with his family at Pohoiki.

2. Tyson made a choice, and his choice saved the people that were at the scene.

3. Tyson is now sitting in jail because he made a choice, a choice that any other man or woman would've made if they were also stuck in that same predicament.

4. Tyson was probably video taped by many because everybody was right there.

5. Tyson was shown reacting to a harmful action done upon him, his family, and his friends.

6. Tyson is INNOCENT & in the video it showed that it was all in self defense...

Tyson Lewi is a good hearted and humble man that has no priors unlike the other suspect that shot his brother in law in the head. Tyson is a victim held in a corrupted system.  

Signing this petition means that you vouch that Tyson Lewi is a good man and has never presented a deceitful character.

We want justice and freedom for Tyson Lewi.


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