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Department of Primary Industries: Rewrite the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act & more $$$ for the RSPCA

I don't know what will stop people being cruel to animals. Year after year, month after month, week after week we see news stories and posts on social media and current affair coverage of the atrocities humanity inflicts on those animals to whom we, in our vain and selfish way, have proclaimed ourselves superior. Too many cruel acts contravene the responsibility that comes with this self-appointed role. I don't know how we change the way of thinking, the justification, the ignorance, the arrogance or the disregard of perpetrators, but we can start with changing the law. Two years imprisonment, a little less than thirty-thousand dollar fine for an individual, a hundred and forty-six for a corporation, is too little, and too rarely imposed to the full extent. And our main defense against cruelty--the RSPCA--receives only two percent of their funding from Government. Join me in demanding that Victoria's Department of Primary Industries re-write their outdated Act to include significantly higher penalties. In demanding they work with the other States to ensure no corner of Australia becomes more leniant to the type of monsters who hurt the innocent. And in demanding that more funding be given to the RSPCA to act on our behalf in the tireless effort to protect the animals - 'all creatures, great and small'.

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