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Saving Willow

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A couple of weeks ago it was made illegal to keep foxes in WA.

Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development already know that i have a fox, and as it is still in a bit of a transitional period they are still deciding what to do about those of us who were keeping foxes prior to this new law being imposed.

I know a few people who are keeping them, and it would be devastating to all of us to be told that we no longer could. Just as it would for any animal owner.

I wasn't looking for a pet fox when little Willow came into my life and although I had been following a fb friends journey with her fox and seen a few videos on YouTube, I was still sceptical about how she would be. I guess, like most people, I just thought of them as killing machines.

And that is when everything changed. My whole perception of them is different now.

People say that they are killers. We do not allow our cats out into the wild; they have full run of the house and an outdoor run that is attached to the house. If I were to allow them out, they would go on a killing spree every day. I've known people’s dogs to get out and go and kill sheep and chickens. And then there are wild animals, how many of them kill aggressively or sometimes just for fun?

When I picked Willow up, she was due to be used as bait. Initially she was terrified and unhappy from being in a cage exposed to the elements with no shelter. I brought her home and gave her a few days to settle into her new surrounding before allowing her to get to know me properly. It took me 2-3 days to litter train her and about the same time to teach her to sit. She enjoys playing ball with me and is getting accustomed to my dog and cats. I am currently getting her accustomed to walking on the lead (I use a Kurgo harness). She has already had her first needle and is due for her next in a few weeks’ time. She will be spayed within the next 2-3 months. She was an angel for the vets.

They are such curious, playful and loving creatures. I'd say the only downside is her penchant for partying every night, which gives me a bit of a clean-up every morning, but it is completely worth it.

She is already such a special part of our family. Everybody loves her. It would break my heart to have to give her up.

** please note** These foxes would not be being released back into the wild, they would be making us put them to sleep.

Please sign this petition, so that I can present it to DPI. To help those of us who have kept a pet fox prior to the laws being changed.




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