Strict Implementation of Ending the Contractualization

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The system that has been used by many companies, including large corporation is the contractualization. Contractualization refers to the practice of hiring employees who would render their services for a finite amount of time, usually, for a few months only.
Current President Rodrigo Duterte has expressed his opposition against "endo". Endo means end of contract and often referred to as "5-5-5" practice. The reason behind this is that g employers hire workers and then terminatej their contract after five (5) months to avoid regularizing them which is something mandated by the law. According to the law, an employee or a worker who has been working for a company for six (6) months should be regularized unless the individual is not qualified to be a regular employee.
Endo has received criticisms from many people, especially from the workers. Benefits and bonuses are given to the regular employees. However, through endo, employees are stripped of these privileges.
These benefits include:
• PhilHealth
• Pag-IBIG
• Home Development and Mutual Fund (HDMF)
• 13th month pay
• Paid sick leaves
• Paid vacation leaves
• Service incentive leave
• Meal and rest periods
• Housing and housing plans
• Expense account
• Company-sponsored vehicle
• Educational assistance
Employers who still uses the system of contractualization is against the law Department Order 174 which bans practices like labor-only contracting and outsourcing work due to a strike. The law also bans employers from making their workers sign agreements like post-dated resignation and waivers for minimum wage and welfare benefits. 
Each employee has the right to be given privileges like benefits and bonuses that were stripped by the employers. Join us and sign this petition to strictly implement Department Order 174 in order to give the employees the chance to experience the privileges that were not given to them.