Endanger of Losing Domestic Violence Support !

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          Having family members that have gone through domestic violence is difficult to hear. My aunt who was a domestic violence victim has gone through a difficult recovery process. Being a married woman and a middle school teacher over time brought her difficulty within her marriage. Her husband would abuse her constantly when under the influence of alcohol. It was difficult for her to understand that she was a victim because she also had children of her own. Unfortunately her children had to witness these terrifying moments and were stuck in the continuous cycle of abuse. At one point my aunt got tired and realized that this was not the life that she was planning for her future. She was able to find help and understand what domestic violence was and that she was a victim.

         Most of the time many victims do not realize that they are in this kind of cycle until it is too late. 1 in 4 women are victims of domestic violence in their lifetime. This meaning that their is a pretty high amount of people who may be suffering even though they may not show it. Not only that but the amount of people who have died from being domestically abused is about 18,000 per year. Those few who seek for help tend to be denied because of limited space in shelters. In 2015, 70,000 adults came by domestic violence programs on a single day and 12,000 that same day were not let in because programs lacked resources. This demonstrates that people are pushed away from shelters even though they may want to help because of the amount of space they have. Also people who are left out tend to go back home to the danger because shelters are not as close as they should be even though there are 129 in California alone.

        In order to find a solution for this problem, meanwhile saving more people from abusive relationships, raising funding for shelters should be increased not decreased. Increasing the amount of money that is put towards domestic violence can increase the amount of people that survive each year. President Donald Trump has called Domestic Violence Funds “ a waste of Money” and is planning on cutting down yet what he doesn’t know is that if he does that means that more people will be dying and will be forced to be stuck in a violent household.