Department of Justice Investigate Maxine Waters

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On Saturday June 23, 2018 California Representative Maxine Waters held a rally at the Wilshire Federal Building, 11000 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, California urging People “if You see Anybody from that Cabinet in a Restaurant, in a Department Store, at a Gasoline Station, You get out and create a crowd and You push back on Them and You tell Them They're not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

Her speech was in regards to her position on the Illegal Alien situation along the Mexican border and her opposition to how the Trump Administration is attempting to enforce the Law per the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Whereas Any reasonable Person would reasonably conclude that the use of such words and phrases, especially “push back” is meant to intimidate and harass at the very the least and could be construed to encourage acts of violence against lawfully appointed Government Officials who have not violated any Provision in the U.S. Constitution regarding immigration;

Whereas Black’s Law defines insurrection as; “any combined resistance to the lawful authority of the state, with intent to the denial thereof, when the same is manifested, or intended to be manifested, by acts of violence.”;

Whereas Representative Waters encouraged People to conduct such actions in a manner that could threaten the safety of such lawful Government Officials and therefore be construed as acts of violence;

Whereas Black’s Law defines Sedition as; “An insurrectionary movement tending towards treason, but wanting an overt act; attempts made by meetings or speeches, or by publications, to disturb the tranquility of the state;

Whereas Representative Waters gave a speech to incite People to disturb the tranquility of the United States;

Be it resolved We the People call on The Department of Justice and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate the inciting words of Representative Waters and consider the charges of insurrection and Sedition by Her against the United States of America.